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Unfinished Business
Tim Baker

What happens to your to do list when you die?  Mortician Meg Seabury lives a predictable life until she embalms the body of a World War II veteran who kept a secret for seventy years. Now Meg is compelled to complete a task that had been weighing heavily on the man's mind.  Time after time Meg finds herself powerless against acting on the final thoughts of the bodies she embalms.  When she embalms the body of a convicted murderer with revenge on his mind Meg finds herself in a life or death situation that is out of her control.

Detective Dave Steere is investigating the murder of nightclub owner Mike McMahon. When the evidence begins to point to Meg his gut tells him that something isn't adding up.  Steere tries to uncover the truth, but is the truth going to be enough to save Meg?

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