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Fools Gold Rush
Tim Baker

With a category 4 hurricane bearing down on Flagler Beach, Florida, three men decide it's the perfect time to steal two million dollars' worth of gold.

For Roland LaFlamme, Rick "Mad Dog" Maddock and Lee Denton life has been all stick and no carrot, but thanks to Roland's volunteer position at the Flagler Beach Historical Museum, and the timing of Hurricane Jill, they've got their eyes on a twenty-four-karat upgrade.

The storm reaches its peak – everything is going according to plan until Lee finds out that his sister and her 12-year-old autistic son have been kidnapped – and the ransom demand is...two-million dollars' worth of gold!

His partners will never give up their shares of the gold so Lee has to find a way to secure the return of his sister and her son without paying the ransom, and there's only one man in Flagler Beach who could possibly do it.

Ike – an ex-Navy SEAL with a penchant for bending the rules.

Even during a hurricane, Ike, and his right-hand-man Brewski, agree to help Lee. But when Ike finds out that Lee failed to mention the gold heist it could mean the plan, as well as the kidnap victims, are doomed.

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