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Pump it Up
Tim Baker

Dave Ryan is on vacation in Flalger Beach, Florida. During a late night stroll on A1A he witnesses something that may, or may not have been a murder.  Dave's curiosity lands him at the bottom of the ocean tied to an anchor.  Ex-Navy SEAL Ike is enjoying a quiet evening on his boat with friends when he sees a man thrown into the ocean from a nearby boat. After the boat speeds of, Ike races to the spot to attempt a rescue.

Ernie Boudreaux makes his living selling fake beauty to desperate people at cut-right prices. With so much money on the line he's not about to let one mistake destroy the entire operation.  After disposing of a potential problem he thinks it's back to business as usual, but he didn't count on Ike being a fly in the ointment.  Things go from bad to worse when a mysterious figure from Ernie's past re-surfaces to claim a piece of Ernie's action...or a piece of Ernie.  In the world of back-room cosmetic surgery beauty can be six feet deep.

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